English/Spanish Linguistic and Academic Connections
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English/Spanish Linguistic and Academic Connections – Recursos pedagógicos para el salón bilingüe y dual First Edition - November 2019 $29.95

This bilingual resource workbook was designed for teachers in bilingual, dual and ESL classrooms to bridge pedagogies and connections in the areas of phonology (sounds), morphology (affixes), syntax (grammar/sentence structure), semantics (meaning), and pragmatics (sociolinguistic awareness).

The main purpose of this workbook is to provide teachers a means to empower students in the developmental process of cross-linguistic strategies, metalinguistic and metacognitive awareness, cross-academic strategies, and reinforce their background knowledge in English and Spanish.

This resource book covers essential areas of language acquisition and learning in both languages, with examples, activities and strategies that will enhance pedagogically the development of linguistic and academic connections.  

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English/Spanish Linguistic and Academic Connections

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