Small Moves, Big Gains
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“I don’t have enough time.” 

“I learned so many strategies at that training, but I don’t have the time to plan for them.”

“This strategy works well…when I remember to use it. There are so many initiatives though. It’s hard to do it all.”


Can you relate to any of these sentiments? If so, this book is for YOU!

Small Moves, Big Gains: Teacher Habits That Help Kids to Talk More, Think More, and Achieve More offers educators a straightforward path toward increasing student outcomes. The small moves found within this resource are brief, actionable, and require little to no preparation. Each one is a high-yield strategy that benefits all types of learners and can be applied across content areas. Nancy Motley gives practical steps for turning the moves into automatic habits - showing how to do them, why they are significant, and possible variations. Along the way, she shares the science behind habit formation, as well as many examples from real classrooms.

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Small Moves, Big Gains

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